ph Nora Lux

The cultural loss we are living today has brought artists to the point where they no longer know how to express themselves.

The personal message an artist has to offer has been tainted by constant negativity; as a result, repeated efforts to express this personal message have become futile.

Result: the artist can not understand who she is.
Località Presa 1 is the first in a series of personal studies. It is the product of a reflection on myself at this moment. It is a general alarm felt from my  disquieted, restless body, which is aware  of its need to search for something else below the surface. In order to stay afloat and  fight for one’s passion, for one’s mission, for one’s work, the body needs to go beyond its surface, uncovering its most intimate layers. We spend a lot of energy going against the windmills, which unfortunately steer efforts away from our aim of communicating with others. My work is a statement of intent, exposed in an extremely fragile moment. It is an example of intimate refuge, that at some point everyone arrives at. No one can give us salvation, in dance, in  life, in wallets which are often empty. To go on we need something else. We need to disengage. The negativity  that  arises from  our stomachs when  the heart is able for one second to view itself objectively is l great and bitter.


  • dance Giovanna Rovedo
  • sound Massimo Magni, Davide Mancini
  • Presented at: Auditorium Concordia – Pordenone, Teatro Spazio Libero – Naples, Manabsheva Mission Kaikala – Bengoli area India, Rendez Vous Festival – Spoleto, 6 Time10 Ada Studio – Berlin, NAH DRAN XXXVIII Ada Studio – Berlin, Varrone Foundation – Rieti, MAG Festival – Perugia, Alchemika Festival – Perugia