Giovanna Rovedo graduated from Accademia Nazionale di Danza (2009) and in anthropology at Università La Sapienza (2017). Since 2009 she has been working as an author, researcher and dance artist. Her work is hosted among others at: PIA, Anghiari Dance Hub, CSS Teatro Stabile di Innovazione FVG, Paesaggi del Corpo, Second Hand, Nah Dran, Moving Poets, La Mama Moves, Off Label, TEDxPadova, Fabbrica Europa and Inteatro Festival. He works in the Philippines, Germany, Egypt, India and the United States.

Since 2011 he has been part of the multidisciplinary art collective Dimensionen (DE). In 2015 he worked with Laurent Chétouane at the Biennale Danza College and, in the same year, with CSS – Teatro Stabile di Innovazione FVG for a production with Citizenship directed by Virgilio Sieni. In 2021, again with CSS, she is assistant choreographer and performer for another production by Virgilio Sieni.

Since 2015 she has been working with Sharon Estacio, an American dance artist of Filipino origin, dealing with artistic research linked to the relationship between geographical space and the construction of contemporary identity. The pair has two projects to their credit: The Reconciliation of Magik Salap (a Triptych) and Orchestrating Spaces hosted at: Jorge Vargas Museum (UP Diliman, Manila PI); Le Murate PAC Firenze Open Art Project; Company Blu (Art. 43) and SESTO TRAM; Officina Caos / Teatro Stalker Per Un Teatro Contemporaneo; Festival La Città che Viaggia; Officin&Ideali – Residenze in Transito (MIBACT/SIAE – “PerChiCrea”) Carovana S.M.I., la Scatola dell’Arte, CSS Dialoghi – Residenze delle Arti Performative a Villa Manin, Festival Paesaggi del Corpo, ARTinVAL. In 2017 she participates in Month of Research collective experimental research project promoted by TanzBüro and HZT Berlin and hosted at Uferstudios in Berlin (DE). Since 2018 she has been an associate artist of Compagnia Atacama. In 2024 she has been selected for Ticino in Danza and Interspazio, two research projects questioning the openness of the performing arts to public and collective space.

In 2019, after calling Rome and Berlin home, he decided to move with his family to a remote valley in the Friulian Dolomites in search of a more satisfying and frugal quality of life. In 2021 she is one of the founders of T20 studio, an association active in territorial regeneration through dialogue between art and design, for which she curates artistic projects.

Currently her focus is on producing collaborative work with other authors not only from the dance world.