Green Leaves are Gone Premiere at Inteatro Festival 2018, Giulia Di Vitantonio

“Green leaves are gone” is the first production of a group of artist  that aims to work as a platform of intercultural exchange. The project wishes to produce a physical point of view about “otherness”.

The meeting between artists from different cultures – with different lifestyles, habits and opportunities, all socially influenced – is extremely interesting. This meeting becomes even more interesting focusing on those whose background is in performance art. When movement is used to explore identities, new, even unusual information, is revealed and can suggest a lot about our cultural and social infrastructures. Our most common way to relate to others is with words; what happens when we move the focus towards a more sensitive kind of communication?

Green leaves are gone starts with a question: what it means to disappear?

The concept of disappearing at the moment exist in every human field. In every society everything is going to disappear: opportunities, wishes, wellness. Just by starting a reflection on the idea of disappearing, we can test how it exist around us, how we lose community values. We started to work by sharing different experiences of disappearing: someone felt the weight of this, someone else just feel the wish of disappearing…


  • Choreography and dance: Ibrahim Abdo, Shady Abdelrahmed, Tommaso Monza, Giovanna Rovedo
  • Music: Mohamed Hussein Abdelsamie
  • Project partners: Anghiari Dance Hub, Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, Consorzio Marche Spettacolo and FOCUS YOUNG MEDITERRANEAN AND MIDDLE EAST CHOREOGRAPHERS
  • Created in residency at: Villa Nappi – Polverigi, Teatro Due Mondi – Faenza, Stalla – Fanna (Pn), Studio Emad Eddin – Cairo.
  • Premier on 22 june 2018 at 40 Inteatro Festival– Polverigi, Ancona.